The Beauty of the Quran


What is about the Quran that makes it so beautiful? What is it that endears it to hearts and makes them be at peace? What is it about it that causes men to stand humbled before it, even reduced to tears? For me, there are three factors which contribute to the sublime nature of the Holy Quran.

The first of these is the distinctive sound of its recitation. Listen to it with an open heart and one cannot but be amazed at its beauty. In this regard it is unparalleled amongst all the scriptures of all religions. The recitations of famous Qurra’ have many times over caused grown men to weep and to be moved to ecstasy, simply due to the sound of it! The word Quran means a recitation: it is not simply a book that one reads. It was always meant to be heard and listened to, similar in this regard to poetry, and one cannot truly appreciate it if he has not heard it being recited. There are many different modes and methods of recitation and this increases the amazement for the one who is knowledgeable of such things. But even an untrained ear is able to recognise something of its beauty. I have heard of people who immediately upon listening to the Holy Quran decided to revert to Islam. And this is by no means something far-fetched. Listen. These are the words of God.

The second aspect of the Holy Quran which makes it so spectacular is the inimitable nature of its language and literary style. For those well-versed in Arabic and its rules of grammar and rhetoric, this is self-evident. Of all the literary works in the Arabic language, none even come close to matching the brilliance of the Holy Quran. The Quran itself testifies to this: it issues a challenge to all those who disbelieve that it is the Word of God to produce something like it if they are truthful in what they claim. This challenge was primarily addressed to the Arabs living during the time that it was revealed. Know that these people were masters of the Arabic language and they prided themselves on this – on their ability to create masterpieces of prose and poetry. But when confronted with the Quran all they could do was stand in awe of it and many of them reverted to Islam: they realised that this Book could not have come from any other than God Himself. It is necessary to know something of Arabic in order to appreciate this aspect of it but even so, it maybe possible to grasp some small part of it without knowing any. Reflect. These are the words of God.

The third sublime feature of the Quran is its incredible depth of meaning. Many many volumes have been written expounding on the meanings the Holy Quran and this practice continues till this day. The Quran is like an ever-flowing spring: it gives and gives and never runs dry. And people will take from it according to the extent of their sincerity and their willingness to be guided. If one approaches it with a closed mind, then he will take nothing from it. But if his heart is open, he will be guided, insha Allah. Read. These are the words of God.

Each of these features on its own is amazing enough. But when we bear all of these in mind at once, and try to comprehend all of it at the same, then do we come to realise just how truly astounding it is, how sublimely beautiful it is.

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3 Responses to The Beauty of the Quran

  1. Love&Peace says:

    Nice article and features explained very well 🙂

  2. Ayaah says:

    Barakallahu feek, especially for the beautiful recitation of the Qur’aan, alhamdulillah. There are so many Qurrā with beautiful recitations, helping to instill a love for the Words of Allah (s.w.t) within the hearts, bi ithnillah.

    Those who love the Qur’aan, will, bi ithnillah, develop a love and need to learn the Arabic language at some point of their journey, especially for the aspiring hufaadh, since they realise they must understand at least a little of what they are saying, even if they do not master the intricacies of the language.

    As for the Tafseer, take it a step at a time- do not simply rush to complete reading the book (i.e. the volumes of Tafseer Ibn Katheer), but be taught it slowly with much time to ponder over the verses and reflect, noting to strive in implementing as much as one can in the process, listening through audio, reading the text, or going to classes going through the tafseer, even if it takes a lifetime to complete the entire Qur’aan in this manner- for at least this way, you’d have tried your utmost in fulfilling the rights of the Qur’aan, and shall be rewarded for your efforts by the mercy of our Lord (s.w.t), ensuring you have a sincere intention for His sake and pleasure, may we be of those who can do so.

    Take care my dear brother, and may Allah bless you for your efforts with the greatest of rewards, Aameen.

    Fee Amanillah, with love and duaas, Sister Ayaah.

  3. Hayat says:

    “[…they realized that] this Book could not have come from any other than God Himself.” – this is what I keep in my mind in times of doubt.

    Ma sha’ Allah for this post, and for others too, you put things in perfect words…
    May Allah reward you with Jannatul Firdaws ameen.

    I love your blog, Jazak’Allah khair.
    It’s really helpful as eman booster and getting peace of mind so keep posting In sha’ Allah.

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