The Liberation of Women


In the societies we find ourselves living in, people seem to think that they have liberated women. That by entering women into the workplace they have given them freedom and liberty which they did not previously enjoy. Yet all they have succeeded in doing is to burden them, to give them a load to carry which they should not have to. In Islam, Allah ta’ala has prescribed that men are to be the maintainers and protectors of the women (Surah al-Nisa, Ayah 34) and that they should provide for and look after the women under their care. The onus is on the man to go out and work; but sadly many nowadays are failing the women in this regard. So the women end up working as well and have to now carry a double load – they have to work and they still have to look after the home. Despite the revolution of women entering the workplace, in most cases men haven’t taken any more responsibility in the homes, to do things like cleaning, washing, helping with the kids etc. It still falls to the lot of the woman. And this unfair… requiring women to do both these things, go work and also look after the home, is to unjustly burden her. People might say that there is no obligation on them to go out and study or work, that they’re free to stay at home. But usually if a woman does decide to do that, then she is looked down upon and regarded as something of a failure. No one would ever say that directly to her face but it seems to me that this is the attitude that many people have. Perhaps I’m wrong in this but it’s the way I see it, and this is for me the sad reality.

The saddest, most heartbreaking thing about all of this is that women have been stolen from their babies; and babies have been deprived of their mothers. Previously the mother used to be in the home and was there to look after the child, to love him, to cuddle him, to care for him. But this has become an increasingly rare phenomenon. Instead we see that this responsibility has been handed over to others: either to complete strangers in nurseries or playschools, or to other family members. This is a calamity! The bond between a mother and child is unique – no other person can give a child the same type of love and affection that his mother can. And this deprivation of children from their mothers is happening at increasingly earliers stages. A few years back it used to be that kids would only go to schools at about seven or eight years of age but this has rapidly changed to the extent where only a few short months after giving birth, the mother is back working and the care of the baby is entrusted to others. What makes all this all the more saddening is that most people don’t even look at it in this way and see anything wrong with it! It has become the norm and the accepted thing to do – so we just blindly accept and follow it without thinking.

Wallahul musta’aan.

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