Gentleness Before Knowledge

وحدثنا أحمد بن فتح قال حدثنا حمزة بن محمد قال حدثنا اسحاق بن ابراهيم عن موسى بن نضير قال سمعت عيسى ابن حماد يقول كثيرا ما كنت أسمع الليث بن سعد يقول لأصحاب الحديث تعلموا الحلم قبل العلم

‘Isa ibn Hammad said, “The thing I heard al-Laith ibn Sa’d say the most to the companions of hadith was, Learn gentleness [hilm] before knowledge [‘ilm].‘”


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One Response to Gentleness Before Knowledge

  1. ibn jangir says:

    Jazak Allah Kharyan sorry not checkd out your blog much lately but found this really inspiring.

    I know that Imam shafee would teach his students 0 fiqh and only adabb for years then start teaching them the deen subhan’Allah (Allah forgive me if im wrong!)

    Aslam Alaykum eid mubarak!

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