Some Poetry

I usually purposefully avoid doing translations of poetry. Normal translations are hard enough, and poetry is just that much more difficult. The translation ought to be poetic itself and if it isn’t then, well… it just spoils it. This is all the poetry I can recall ever doing.


 ولست ابالي حين اقتل مـسـلــمـا ~~~~~ على أي جنب كان في الله مصرعي
 وذلـك فـي ذات الالـه وان يشـأ ~~~~ يبارك على أوصال شلو مـمـزع

I do not care – when I am being killed as a Muslim –
 In which way I die for the sake of Allah

 Because this is for the Essence of God, and if He wishes
 He will bless my torn limbs and broken joints.

 (Khubaib ibn ‘Adi, radiyallahu ‘anhu)


 ماَ إٍنْ مَدَحْتُ مُحَمَّداً بِمَقَالَتي ~~~~ لَكِنْ مَدَحْتُ مَقَالَتِي بِمُحَمَّدٍ


I could not praise Muhammad with my words;
 my words were made praiseworthy by the mention of Muhammad.

 (Hassaan bin Thabit, radiyallahu ‘anhu)


 شكوت الى وكيع سوء حفظى ~~~~ فأرشدنى الى ترك المعاصى
 وأخبرنى بـأن العلـم نــور ~~~~ ونور الله لا يهدى لعاصى

I complained to Wakee’ about my poor memory
 So he advised me to leave off sinning

 And informed me that knowledge is a light
 And that the light of Allah is not bestowed upon a sinner.

 (Imam al-Shafi’i, rahimahullah)


 لا تشكي من الأيّـام فليس لها بديل
 و لا تبكي على الدّنيا مادام آخرها الرّحيل
 و اجعل ثقتك بالله ليس لها مثيل
 و توكّـل على الله حقّ التّوكّـل فإنّـه على كلّ شيء وكيل
 و استغلّ حياتك في ذكر و شُـكر الله تجد كلّ ما فيها جميل
 و أكثر من الإستغفار فإنّـه للهموم يُـزيل

Do not complain of your days, as for them there is no alternative
 Nor weep for this world, since its end is but a departure
 Put your trust in Allah! There is nothing like unto it…
 And rely upon Him as He ought to be relied on, for He is Trustee of all
 Take advantage of your life by remembering and thanking Him, and you will find beauty in everything
 And increase much in seeking of forgiveness, for it is a removal of all worries.

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3 Responses to Some Poetry

  1. Hayat says:

    Ma sha’ Allah for the last one, so true, I love it Jazak’Allah khair.

  2. May I use your translations please? Obviously I’ll mention it isn’t translated by me (yanee I’ll just link them the blog), I just need examples for some Arabic poetry and I don’t have time to search so much…


  3. the middle road says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Yes, you may.

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