Where Then Are You Headed?



A quick summary, for anyone who can’t be bothered to listen to all that:

 فَأَيْنَ تَذْهَبُونَ

Where then are you headed?

(al-Takwir: 26)

Each day that passes us by is one step closer to the edge, one step closer to our final destination: either Paradise or the Hellfire. Where we end up is up to us. So how do we ensure that we reach our goal of attaining entry to Jannah?

There are two things required for this:

قضاء الفرائض واجتناب الكبائر

Carrying out the faraa’id (obligatory acts)

and abstaining from the kabaa’ir (major sins). 

  • For the faraa’id, the most important one to uphold is the salah.
  • For the kabaa’ir, the most important one to beware is zina.

This does not mean that we disregard saghaa’ir (minor sins), since a mountain is made up of tiny pebbles. Of them, the most important one to guard against is not wearing the hijab, as one who fails to do so can very quickly pile up a mountain of sins.

And Allah ta’ala knows best.

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One Response to Where Then Are You Headed?

  1. Cucumber says:

    MashaAllah, amazing blog. JazkaAllahu Khair for the reminders and practical examples.

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