Ummah Forum Interview


I don’t think I’ve ever written about it on here, but Ummah Forum has actually had a large part to play in the development of this blog. In fact, I think that if it weren’t for Ummah, this blog probably wouldn’t even exist! It was after posting on there for a while and reading a couple of the other users’ blogs that I decided to start one of my own. And the majority of the blog posts on here are things that I had written there and then just copied here; or are posts that were inspired from stuff that I’d read or conversations I’d had with users on there. It’s kind of like my home on the Internet: it’s always the first site I visit when I come online and I’m on there practically all the time. 😮


Anyways, I was recently interviewed by one of the other users there. I wanted to copy it here but it is reaaaallllyyy long, so you can just read it over there instead if you’re interested. Hopefully you’ll be able to benefit from some of the advices given.


Journeying alongside the_middle_road

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