Reflections on the Reflections?



People may criticise your efforts, but it matters not –
so long as it finds acceptance with the Lord of the Worlds.


The statement above is the latest addition to the Reflections page. That page has been a feature of the blog since its inception (it’s actually the origin of the blog). And ever since the beginning, I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to expand on them by giving some sort of explanation. On the one hand, it’s called “Reflections” because the reader is supposed to reflect and contemplate on it, and derive from it whatever benefit he can. If the statement requires and is in need of clarification, then I would feel that it has failed its purpose. On the other hand, adding some explanation might make it more meaningful and beneficial…


So I’d like to know from you (if there is anyone out there reading this stuff!): should I make blog posts expanding on some of those reflections? Or should I leave it as is and let the reader benefit from it whatever he can? Leave a comment below or simply vote in the poll.

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