To the One Described with Beauty


أيها الأخوات في الله

أنصح لكن فاستمعن لنصيحتي

O my sisters

I am advising you sincerely, so listen attentively to my counsel


يا من وصفت بالحسن والجمال

كوني متصفاً بالرفق والحياء

O one who is described with prettiness and beauty

Become one described with gentleness and modesty

ينظر الرجال إلى صورتك

وتفرح شهواتهم بزينتك

Men gaze at your outward form

And their lustful desires delight in your adornment

ولكن ينظر ربك إلى عملك

وهو ناظر إلى قلبك

But your Lord looks at your deeds

And He is looking at your heart

فاحجبي عورتك من عيون الرجال

تكوني عند ربك ذات الجمال

So veil your nakedness from the eyes of men

And you will be, in the sight of your Lord, one possessing beauty

فالأمر في يديك

هل تريدين أن تسري الناس جميعا؟

أم تبتغين رضوان الله تعالى؟

The choice is yours:

Do you want to try and please all of mankind?

Or do you desire the good pleasure of Allah Most High?

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4 Responses to To the One Described with Beauty

  1. Suhailah says:

    I made it into a poster and posted it on my blog:)
    JazakAllah Khayr for this beautiful piece of inspiration!

  2. the middle road says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Jazakumullahu khair, for making it into a poster, really made me happy. 🙂

  3. umm h. says:

    Beautiful ma sha Allah

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