The Wonders of the Qur’an Never Cease



عجائب القرآن لا تنقضي

The wonders of the Qur’an never cease.

The Noble Qur’an is the miracle given to the Prophet  by Allah ta’ala. It is inimitable: unique in its style and matchless in its eloquence. There has been much written on this topic, and you can find out more here, but that is not what I would like to focus on in this post. Instead I’d like to speak about two aspects that I regard as being miracles of the Qur’an, although many might not think of them as such.

The first is that one never gets bored of reciting it. For any other book, most of the time we would read it only once. If we really like it we might read it again, and then perhaps a third or fourth time, but after that what would be the point? You would already know how the story progresses and wouldn’t really have that much interest in going through it yet again. But with the Qur’an, no matter how many times one reads it, it never becomes boring.

The month of Ramadan has recently passed and how many khatms of the Qur’an were not recited during that time? And when we complete one khatm we immediately start another. We continue in this manner day in and day out, reciting it over and over and over again, but not once would one feel that one has had enough. Over the course of a lifetime one might read it literally hundreds or even thousands of times, but each time it would be as fresh as ever. This is one of its blessings and one of its amazing wonders. And it is something that applies solely to the words of Allah the Almighty, not to the words of any of His creation.

The second miraculous aspect is that despite this continuous recitation and repetition one always learns new things from it. It frequently happens that one would come across a particular ayah and then be granted the favour of seeing it in a new light, of being blessed with a deeper insight and more penetrative understanding. On such occasions it is almost as if one never new that that ayah existed and it is like reading it for the very first time, despite the fact that it was read countless of times before.

The Qur’an is like a vast, depthless ocean: no one person can ever encompass all of it. Instead, we all take from it to varying degrees according to our devotion and attachment to it, and according to the extent of Allah’s bounties upon us.

Perhaps these two things might not sound all that miraculous, but I guess that it is something that one would have to experience in order to be able to appreciate.


May Allah ta’ala grant us all to always continue to persist in the recitation of the Qur’an and to taste the sweetness of imaan through it. May He increase our love for it and our devotion to it, and may He cause us to die upon it and to resurrect us upon it, ameen.

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