Use Every Single Incident



 Use every single incident in your life as a means of drawing closer to Him.  

If you are in ease and prosperity… then be grateful and thank Him. 

If you are in difficulty and distress… then bear patiently with His Decree. 

If you are guided to do righteous deeds… then be glad and praise Him. 

If you slip and fall into sin… then be filled with remorse and turn to Him in repentance. 

If you are feeling down and depressed… then bear in mind that after difficulty, He grants ease.

If you don’t receive that which you desired… then trust that He has something even better in store for you. 

If events don’t unfold as you had planned… then have conviction that His plan for you is far better than your own. 

If you are afflicted with loss of wealth or property… then realise that it never belonged to you in the first place.

If you are bereft of a loved one… then remember that all comes from Him and all must inevitably return to Him.

If your heart gets broken… then turn to Him and beg Him to heal it for you. 


In the end, the things that happen to us are not nearly as important as how we respond to those events. So persevere, and keep on moving towards Him no matter what gets thrown your way.

May Allah ta’ala make it easy for us all.

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5 Responses to Use Every Single Incident

  1. Anonymous says:


    I really needed to hear this. Actually, I need to be reminded of it constantly which probably means that I’m not doing a very good job of implementing this advice. It’s something that you have to keep re-learning in life. Although, I’ve read and heard these words before it still amazes me every single time.
    JazakAllahu khair for this and your blog in general. May Allah reward you, your family, and those who’ve taught you. Ameen

  2. Bridin says:

    And if I am all of these things, it means that I am indelibly human. I thank Allah for choosing me and for blessing me.

  3. the middle road says:

    @ Anonymous:


  4. markb4 says:


    Wallahi, after I read the line about if you’re depressed, always remember that Allah (swt) grants ease after every difficulty, my heart felt as if a burden had been lifted from it. I get depressed a lot, and completely forget that indeed with difficulty comes ease!

    Jazakallah! May Allah (swt) bless you and your family with Jannatul-Firdaws, righteousness, forgiveness, and the absolute best in this life and the next! Ameen!

  5. the middle road says:

    Ameen! 🙂 May Allah ta’ala grant you and your family the same, and remove from you any depression.

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