Say ‘Ameen’

dua 2– 

(Say ‘Ameen’ as you read this please.)


O Allah, forgive me.

Forgive me all of my sins: past, present and future.  Forgive me those sins I’ve committed knowingly and those I’ve carried out unwittingly, those I’ve hidden from the eyes of people and those I’ve done in public. Forgive me my brazenness in overstepping the limits of Your boundaries and my complete and utter lack of shame before You. 

O Allah, have mercy on me.

Have mercy on me and on my soul. Send the winds of Your mercy my way and rain down upon me the showers of Your mercy. Envelop and immerse me in it in this world and in the next. 

O Allah, heal my heart.

Cleanse it and purify it and remove from it the stains of sin. Make it white like a stone such that nothing can harm it. Illuminate it with the light of iman and taqwa and haya’ and with the light of the Qur’an. 

O Allah, preserve the Qur’an in my heart.

Preserve it for me and do not cause me to lose it on account of the evil I have perpetrated. Teach me all of its sciences and unveil for me its secrets. Make it the spring of my heart, the light of my chest, the comforter of my sadness, and the dispeller of my worry and grief. 

O Allah, protect me.

Protect me from all the temptations that surround me and do not allow me to succumb to them. Protect me from the whisperings of the devils from among the jinn and from among mankind. Grant me mastery and control over my lower self and do not make me a slave to my desires. 

O Allah, grant me steadfastness. 

Make my feet firm upon Your way and do not allow me to stray. Do not allow me to revert back to that evil which I have abandoned and repented from. Keep my gaze directed on You and do not let me be diverted by the distractions of this world. 

O Allah, use me in Your way. 

 Use me and do not replace me. Make me a benefit to the ummah. Make me a means through which people are brought from the darkness to the light and a means through which they are brought closer to You. 

O Allah, draw me close.

Draw me closer to You and grant me proximity and nearness. Do not turn me away or cause me be to distant and remote. Grant me presence of heart and remembrance of You at all times. 

O Allah, increase me. 

Increase me in goodness and in righteousness and in piety. Let each passing day be nothing but an increase in these things without any decrease. Let the years that have passed be good and let the years that are still to come be even better. 

O Allah, grant me sincerity. 

Grant me sincerity in this and in all that I do. Let there be no share in it whatsoever with anyone or anything else besides You. Grant me such sincerity and accept me with a beautiful acceptance. 

Ameen, yaa Rabbal ‘aalameen.


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4 Responses to Say ‘Ameen’

  1. markb4 says:

    Ameen! Subhanallah, every Dua’ there applies to me somehow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thumma ameen

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