Would He Turn Away?

– looking away


Once a delegation of two men came to the Prophet  from Persia. They were clean-shaven and had long moustaches. When the Prophet  laid eyes upon them, he disliked looking at them and turned away. Afterwards he questioned them about it, and they replied that their leader had commanded them to have that appearance. Rasulullah  responded by saying that his Lord had commanded him to let his beard grow and to trim his moustache. (1)

On another occasion, Asma’ bint Abu Bakr radiyallahu ‘anhumaa entered upon the Prophet . She was wearing a thin garment at the time, and when Rasulullah  saw her in that state, he turned his face away from her. He then told her that when a woman reaches puberty, it is not proper that anything of her body be seen, except her face and her hands. (2)


If Rasulullah  were to come back to this world and were he to meet you: would he look at you… or would he turn away?

And if we truly love him, how could we bear to stand the thought of that happening? How could we bear to stand the thought of our beloved turning his face away from us and not even being able to look at us?

May Allah ta’ala make it easy for us all to make our appearance be that which is pleasing to Him and to His Rasul . May He grant us to meet Rasulullah  in the akhirah, and let it not be that he would turn away from us at the time of that meeting, ameen yaa rabbal ‘aalameen.


(1): Related by Imam Tabari in his Tarikh and Imam ibn Kathir in his Bidayah wan Nihayah.
(2): Related by Imam Abu Dawud in his Sunan.


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One Response to Would He Turn Away?

  1. Bridin says:

    I learned a lesson today. If I want to retain my Iman and the gifts Allah has given me as a result, I have to turn away from that which Allah and his Messenger dislikes. I must love what Allah has prescribed and dislike what Allah dislikes.

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