Why I am an Adager…

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Adage Ltd. is a not-for-profit translation and education company devoted to the production of the first online database of hadith in different languages, starting with a complete English translation. While there are multiple sources of hadith online, what differentiates Adage from others is a number of key elements. The working team comprises a selection of competent volunteers, including professional translators, native proofreaders, Islamic scholars, and IT specialists among others, who are devoted to this honorable cause, all of whom seek no financial benefit. Our project aims at presenting an online translation of hadith that is free, comprehensive, multilingual, and of exceptional quality.

Why I Am An Adager… And Why You Should Be One Too

Alhamdulillah, Allah ta’ala favoured me with the memorisation of the Noble Qur’an. More than that, He blessed me by placing a love for it in my heart. It is the foundation of the deen, and the foutainhead and spring of all the Islamic sciences. But beyond that there is the one who brought us the Qur’an: the Messenger of Allah , and his Sunnah, which is the second primary source in Islam. So my connection with the Qur’an was there… but I felt that my connection with the Messenger  was a bit lacking. There were many factors which played a role in me deciding to join, but this was one of the main ones: to hopefully try and strengthen that bond. And alhamdulillah, since joining all that time ago, I feel like that has happened somewhat.

Most people, when wanting to learn more about the Prophet , would either do so by reading a book of seerah or by listening to a lecture on that topic. But learning about him in that way only gives you an insight into one aspect of his life. All books of seerah would mention the key moments in his life, such as the passing away of his close family members, the persecution he suffered at the hands of his enemies, the battles fought for the sake of Islam and so on. But to learn about him through reading (and translating) the very words that he uttered, the ahadith, is an altogether different experience. Through doing so, you will be granted a far deeper and profound insight into his life. You will discover the most minute details of his day-to-day doings, which you will not find anywhere else. You will see what his actual personality was like: his kindness and his gentleness and his softheartedness. You will witness the beautiful manner in which he dealt with both his Companions and his enemies alike. You will discover the depths of the compassion he had for you and for the rest of his Ummah, and how he so much ardently desired that we all be guided aright. A paraphrasing of a beautiful statement I once heard in a lecture: “The muhaddithoon are like the Companions of the Prophet : they accompany his every breath, even though they never met him.” We are by no means scholars of hadith, but I feel that through doing what we do, we do have some share in that.

So this is why you should join us: to learn about the Prophet … in a unique and amazing way. And if you do that, and if you keep at it long enough… you will perhaps be granted to catch a glimpse of his beauty. And if that happens, if you witness something of his beauty… then you will fall in love with him. And if that happens… well, then here we could enumerate and list so many things that that will lead to. But that is the ultimate really… and there is no need to go beyond that. If we have that, if we have a true and sincere love for the Prophet , then we have all that we need and do not require anything else. This is because of the following statement of his, which was the most beloved hadith to the Companions radiyallahu ‘anhum: “Anta ma’a man ahbabta – You will be (in the Hereafter) with the one whom you love.”

O Allah! Grant us love of your beloved.

O Allah! We have been deprived of his companionship in this world, so do not deprive us of it in the next one. 


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