and make the world a brighter place. 

It’s quite strange really, how such a small thing can make such a big difference. A little smile, a mere upturning of the lips and crinkling of the eyes… and yet it transforms a person’s whole appearance. Their smile makes them so much more radiant and beautiful. And that warmth emanating from them brightens the world of those around them – for invariably, when we see someone smiling, we smile back as well. It’s in our nature and sometimes we can’t even help it. We might at that moment be down and depressed, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, but yet the joy streaming from them is passed on to us and we share in it too – even if we don’t know them and even if don’t know what it is that has caused them to smile. And so that joy that their smile brings to our heart relieves us momentarily of the stresses that are weighing us down, even if it be but for the briefest of moments.

So let us smile, and bring some light and happiness to this troubled world. For that is the way of our Leader and our Messenger, Muhammad . The Prophet  was known to be someone who was bassaam – someone who was always cheerful and smiling. Jareer radiyallahu ‘anh narrates that not once did he ever meet Rasulullah , since the time that he accepted Islam, except that he would smile at him. And ‘Ali radiyallahu ‘anh narrates that whoever saw Rasulullah   from a far distance would be filled with awe at his grandness and magnificence – but all those who associated with him and came to know him would be put at ease and would inevitably fall in love with him due to his welcoming nature.

May Allah ta’ala make it easy for us all to be true followers of Rasulullah  and follow him in all aspects of his amazing sunnah.

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