Advice to Allah’s Chosen Ones




Alhamdulillah, I’ve been blessed to have had many huffaz as my students in the short time that I’ve been teaching. I always have a special regard and extra concern for these students, above the rest of their peers. And I don’t think that this is unfair, since if Allah ta’ala Himself has honoured and privileged them through selecting them to be the Bearers of His Book, then why shouldn’t we do the same? I also know how difficult it can be for such students to both maintain their Qur’an and keep up with all their school work at the same time, seeing as I was once in their position (a very long time ago!).

The clip above is some naseehah that was given to one such group of students a couple of years ago. I hope that in this month of the Qur’an it will prove to be beneficial to all others who find themselves in that situation, and to all huffaz in general.

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