A Labour of Love – Part 2

Quran 38 b


 فَضَائِلُ الْقُرْآنِ


وَالْحَثُّ عَلَي تَحْفِيْظِهِ

وَالتَّحْذِيْرُ مِنْ نِسْيَانِهِ


The Virtues of the Qur’an 

and of its Bearers 

and an Encouragement for Memorising it

and a Warning against Forgetting it

(A compilation of forty ahadith)



This one took nowhere near as long as the first, but this project was something that was quite difficult for me. I don’t know why that is, but it became really hard, especially right towards the end. Alhamdulillah that it’s reached completion now though. Even now however, there are still a couple of things nagging at my mind and heart that I’m not 100% happy with. But I guess that’s OK… perfection is only for the Book of Allah, and everything else besides that is bound to be flawed and defective in some way. Only Allah knows what went into this, but that’s OK too… because He is the only one that needs to know.

Please pass it on to all aspiring huffaz, hifz teachers, huffaz, and lovers of the Qur’an. May Allah reward you.

I make dua that Allah grants me sincerity in this, that He accepts it from me and places it in my scale of good deeds, and that He makes it a means of benefit for the ummah, ameen.

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