Paralysed, on the Inside

heart 18 b– 

On the outside

Everything’s fine

But on the inside?



For temptations appeared

And the heart succumbed

And blackened and blackened

And hardened and hardened


The wounding blows are now dealt

But no longer felt


The warning was conveyed:

The eyes read

And the mind comprehended

But the heart ignored


Prayer, remembrance, supplication

All still intact

But a hollow, distracted deed.

The body moves

And the tongue utters

But the presence of heart

Completely absent

And the sweetness of faith

A mere distant memory


The heart’s stains

Stubbornly persist

And refuse to vanish

For the hardened heart

Has deprived the eyes

Of their tears

And regret and remorse

Become ever more scarce


And now the defenseless heart

Weakened and crippled

Is subjected to the every whim

Of its enemies.

It sees the snares

Being laid ahead

But is powerless to escape

Sinking deeper into the darkness

Each time it is overwhelmed


The darkness is deepest

Just before the dawn

Or so they say.

But how much more darkness must descend

Before the Light arrives?

How many more clouds must gather

Before the Wind blows?


O Allah,

Revive this deadened heart

For the greatest pain

Is this lack of pain

In disobedience to You


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2 Responses to Paralysed, on the Inside

  1. alfarisah313 says:

    SubhanAllah…this is one of the most amazing poems I’ve read in a long time.
    Indeed a dead heart is the worst affliction. I ask Allah to save us from ever growing distant to Him…

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