All You Have to Do is Put in the Effort


All you have to do is put in the effort –

Allah will take care of the rest. 

This was something I learned during my time at university. During that time, I was heavily involved with the MSA (Muslim Students’ Association) on campus. When I first started, there was no MSA at all though. There was one brother trying to get things off the ground, but I wasn’t aware of what was going on. It was only in my second year that I, almost coincidentally, became actively involved.

Since we were a new organisation, we didn’t get any funding from the university. In order to receive that, we needed to present our case before the General Council – at a meeting which took place only once a year. Each year we would attend that meeting, and each year – without fail – it would turn out to be a debacle, with everything ending in chaos and nothing being decided. So we would just soldier on, trying to make do with what we had and with whatever funds we could raise ourselves, without getting any support from the university.

By the time I reached my final year, I had become so disillusioned and jaded about the student management there that I had resigned myself to the idea of us never getting the funding we were striving for. So when we received a letter asking us to meet with them, I decided to not even bother to go, and just put it aside and forgot all about it. Later on though, on the day of the meeting, it just so happened that myself and another brother were in the MSA office at the time, and so we thought we might as well go and see what they had to say. When we came there, all they did was ask us a few questions, and then – almost out of the blue – they just handed us a message saying that we were now a recognised structure on campus and so would receive funding!

I believe that that came to pass due to everything else that had transpired before that. It might have seemed that our efforts were useless: we were attending meeting after meeting in which we never even got a chance to speak, and so outwardly it might have appeared to be nothing other than wasted time and a fruitless endeavour. But I believe that our putting in the effort to at least be present at those meetings, and all the other bureaucratic red tape we had to wade through, was the cause for Allah ta’ala to eventually open the way for us and for us to be granted that which we had been working for, when we least expected it. We put in the effort – and He subhanahu wa ta’ala took care of the rest.

That was in my final year at university, and so I never actually got to see the funds being utilised by the MSA. But I recently needed to go back there for some reason, and alhamdulillah, and I was really glad and pleased to see the good use the money had been put to. After probably more than twenty years, the salaah room had finally been beautifully re-carpeted and the wudu khana had been re-tiled, which was something I would have loved to have seen done during my time there. The MSA had also really grown and become much more active, hosting events that we were never capable of previously doing.

Which brings to light another point: that sometimes we might not get to see the fruits of our endeavours. That shouldn’t stop us though, and if we are sincere in doing it for the right reason, then that won’t matter to us at all either. The fact that it does get done is all that’s important, whether that is achieved by ourselves, or at the hands of others.

The Salaah Room on Campus

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One Response to All You Have to Do is Put in the Effort

  1. Arfeen says:

    Masha Allah really inspiring…..specially with those pics of before n after salah room…
    A great lesson infact….jazak allah khairun 🙂

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