His Response is Guaranteed


 قال ابن عطاء الله 

لا يكن تأخر أمد العطاء

مع الإلحاح في الدعاء

موجبا ليأسك

فهو ضمن لك الإجابة

فيما يختاره لك

لا فيما تختاره لنفسك

و في الوقت الذي يريد

لا في الوقت الذي تريد

ibn ‘Ataa-illah said,

“Do not let the delay in the granting of the gift,

despite your intense and insistent supplications for it,

cause you to fall into despair.

For He has guaranteed you a response:

but in what He chooses for you –

not what you choose for yourself;

and in the time that He desires –

not the time that you desire.” 

(The Hikam of ibn ‘Ataa-illah)

Alhamdulillah, my dua has finally been answered.  🙂

To all of you still awaiting the response to yours: don’t give up. Keep persisting and rest assured that His response is guaranteed. And know that when it eventually comes, what He chooses for you will be even better than that which you could have chosen for yourself.

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