Provisions for the Journey



A summary, for those who prefer reading to listening:

  • In our life in this world we are on a journey, and our destination is closeness to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. The road we travel is the Straight Path – following the Deen of Islam. And on this journey we need to take certain provisions with us in order to successfully reach our destination.

  • These provisions are certain spiritual conditions that we have to inculcate within us. There are many such provisions, but there are five of them which I feel are the most important, which are as follows:
      1. Taqwa (Consciousness of Allah). This is the most important provision of all. It is taqwa which prevents us from following the myriad of wrong paths that will lead us astray, when we are tempted to take them; and it is taqwa that causes us to repent and return to the Straight Path when we do inevitably slip up.
      2. Tawakkul (Reliance on Allah). Our journey is filled with uncertainties in the road that lies ahead, but if we place our trust in Allah and rely upon Him, then we can rest assured that He will take care of us – even if things do not work out in the way that we had envisioned.
      3. Sabr (Patience and Perseverance). We bear patiently whatever calamities and hardships might befall us on this journey, without ever falling into despair or questioning the Decree of Allah. But more than that, we also persevere in traveling on this road no matter how difficult it becomes to do so, without ever giving up.
      4. Shukr (Thankfulness). While journeying on this path we enjoy the bounties and favours that have been bestowed upon us, and take pleasure in the joys of life. We are thankful for whatever we have been granted, for this is the secret to acquiring more – in this life and the next.
      5. Suhbah (Companionship). We surround ourselves with good companions who will assist us in this journey, not hinder us. And the most important choice we make in this regard is our choice of spouse – as they will be our closest companion and greatest aid in this journey.

May Allah ta’ala ease for us the journey of gaining proximity and closeness to Him, ameen.

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