The Test of Thankfulness

Abdan Shakoora 4  

For so long in difficulty and in darkness… but now that I’m in ease and in the light… it seems almost as if that hardship never existed. Alhamdulillah. That phase of life seems so long ago, the memory of it hardly seems real any longer – despite the intensity of that experience not too long ago.


But every state has its test as well: in times of difficulty and trial, the test is patience; and in times of felicity and contentment, the test is thankfulness. And I’m wondering now whether I’m passing that test or failing it… Now that I’ve been granted that which I had been ardently desiring and seeking (and even more than that)… now that my supplication to my gracious Lord has been answered… am I truly being as grateful to Him as I should be?

And by gratefulness I don’t mean simply saying ‘Alhamdulillah’, or even having an internal state of being thankful to Him. The Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam once stood for so long in ‘ibaadah that his feet became swollen, and when asked about it he replied, “Afalaa akoonu ‘abdan shakooraa? – Should I not be a grateful slave?” So if now in this new phase of contentment I am slacking in certain areas of my life that I previously used to do more in… if I’m now neglecting certain things I used to be constant in… if I’m now decreasing in quantity and quality in certain acts of ‘ibaadah… if I’m now not as fervent in making dua to Him as before… then is this not a sign of ingratitude towards Him for the bounty that He has bestowed upon me? :/

It is in our nature to desire this state of felicity that I have now been blessed with. None of us would wish to remain in a state of difficulty or hardship. But who knows… perhaps that state is better for us. And perhaps it is for that reason that we are sometimes kept in such conditions for what seems to us to be prolonged period of times, even though in the bigger picture it is in reality only a short period of time.

On a different note, there’s one other thing that’s been on my mind recently. One of the most important ahadith to me is the one that states: “ad-Deenun naseehah – The deen is naseehah.” Naseehah here doesn’t mean to give advice as some of us might think, but is a far more comprehensive term than that. It means to sincerely desire good for others, and to have goodwill to all. So now that I’ve been taken out from the loneliness of solitude to the bliss of companionship, I sincerely make dua that Allah ta’ala grants the same to all the other people I know – and all those that I do not know – who are seeking that.

O Allah!

Grant all the single believers to get married,

and grant them and all married couples,

a happy, blissful, blessed, serene, contented, and felicitous married life, ameen.

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5 Responses to The Test of Thankfulness

  1. This hits home for me especially.

  2. habiba1286 says:

    assalam alaikum, it seems to me that you got married and you feel in such state of happiness… I might be wrong but even if I would, then might be that others benefit from this advice. I have been married for 7 years, and I know exactly that state of happiness one feels in the company of a life partner that Allah has granted… but it just turns hard during the first few years, it is so hard so hard so hard that one wishes to be single at times.. maybe is not the case of others, but within that happiness, later on comes the tests as well!!! the good news is that after the adapting years, one gets stablished with that person and gets used to it, and then really loves him for what he is… i mean at the beginning, we dont really know our partner, it is part of infatuation, this new thing in our lives, but later… it is love, but it only comes after tears and suffering, it is strange how after few years happiness does not mean that exciting beginning but it is that peaceful tranquility, great silence within the soul just when one looks at that person, and can exactly tell what he is thinking…. we can get so used to someone that we can exactly know what they will say next! that requires few years of taking the eyes from ourselves and our needs and look at that one who is lying besides… BEST OF WISHES TO ALL NEW WED SISTERS AND BROTHERS


  3. Anonymous says:

    After every hardship there is ease and these are the waves and crests of our existence. Nothing is important except the pleasure of the Ahad, the Samad, Allah. I wish you fervent acts of worship for the sake of Allah and you will always find contentment. I wish you truth and sincerity in every deed and word. I wish that your final home will be more beautiful than you ever imagined with Allah the One and His Messengers. May Allah bless you and those whom you love.

  4. Admin says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

    Jazakumullahu khair to you all for your comments and duas.

  5. Sadia says:

    Ma sha Allah

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