Death Comes All of a Sudden…

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On the first night of Ramadan, my uncle passed away. He was just 48 years old. By a matter of mere moments, his passing was decreed to fall within the blessed month of the Qur’an. Alhamdulillah for that, for it is mentioned in hadith that when Ramadan arrives, the gates of Hell are firmly locked and the gates of Paradise are flung open. So if that is the case, then what abode is there for those who depart for the Hereafter during this month other than Paradise? May Allah ta’ala have mercy on him and enter him into the highest levels of Jannah, ameen.

Allah must really love mamani (my aunt) a lot…” That is what I thought when I heard of the passing of my uncle, for it is mentioned in hadith that if Allah loves someone, He tests them. And Allah has certainly tried her. First she was diagnosed with cancer a year ago… and now she is left a bereaved widow. May Allah ta’ala place solace and tranquility in her heart and grant her a beautiful patience, ameen.

On that first night of Ramadan we recited in Taraweeh the ayah where Allah mentions the dua of Nabi Ibrahim ‘alaihis salaam for his progeny. And this is something that was always dear to my uncle. I remember him quoting that ayah once in a family gathering of ours, and the concern that he had for the preservation of the Islam and Iman of his children and nieces and nephews and the generations to come. He leaves behind four orphaned children. One of them is Hafizul Qur’an and another is studying towards becoming a Hafiz. May Allah ta’ala make their duas and their recitation of the Qur’an a means of increasing his scale of good deeds, and may He look after and provide for them from His limitless treasures, ameen.

This was the first time ever that I was affected by death. I had never had anyone so close to me pass away before. And one thing it made me realise is that we can all do more. Every second of our life is valuable and precious, for what else is our life except the passing of time? “Every second that passes by is a sword, slicing away a part of your life.” That’s something I had written before, but only now did I really start to appreciate the reality of it. And when our time runs up and we eventually die, our graves will be a treasure chest containing the deeds we used to do in this life. So we should rush to fill it with as much good as we possibly can, while we still have the chance. And if we exert ourselves in ‘ibadah, we would be surprised at how much we can actually achieve. My uncles death spurred me to recite and recite, and I was surprised at how easy Allah made it for me to do so much more than what I thought I was capable of. If you were to push yourself as well, you too would find that you could achieve more than what you would have ever thought possible. May Allah ta’ala make this the best Ramadan yet for both you and I, ameen.

O Allah, have mercy on all the deceased and make their graves gardens from among the gardens of Paradise. Grant them your pardon and your forgiveness, and make them of those who are emancipated from the Fire during this month, ameen.

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